Cable box coax to USB for iMac

Greetings Tom's,

I have a friend who would like to somehow connect from his cable box (digital coax) to his iMac monitor. I guess this would be a coax to USB adapter involved.

Is anyone out there aware of a coax to USB adapter for an iMac, early 2006 model? Yes it does have an Intel chipset.

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  1. Is it a cinema view (or whatever they're called) monitor, or the monitor built in to a mac?
  2. Almost no monitors use USB. Plenty provide USB hubs, but they've got something else to connect to their video source. If I'm not mistaken, it's going to be DisplayPort on your Mac.

    As far as how to do it, you need something called a TV Tuner. They're not cheap.
  3. Oh damn, hey everybody, I just received an email saying there were responses.

    This iMac has the computer built in it, and also has USB ports in the back.

    Hopefully that clears things up - any further ideas?
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