Realplayer will not download in win 7

Realplayer will not download in win 7. tried setting realplayer to run as administrator. I'm unable to download the plugins in firefox, so I'm trying this in chrome. nothing.
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    realplayer not downloading/installing.hah i consider that a good thing :)
  3. Try realalternative. Also use with cccp media player classic. They will play almost all western standard video/audio. I say this because the Chinese have qvod which is not compatible with it. But I assume you are not.
  4. Realplayer UUGHHHH!!!
  5. Yeah yeah I know, but I like downloading tv shows and movies, and realplayer works. I figured out how to fix it - installed firefox 3.6 instead of 4.

    Now if I could just get my mic working!
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  7. crap answer .NE. best answer!
  8. W7/64 bit using IE9/64 bit allows RealPlayer download 1 out of 15 boots; use IE9/32 bit:--> FIXED
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