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I did a quick search and couldn't find an answer so here it goes. I just bought a new Powersupply that is listed as having a 20+4 connector. After i had it in place and ready to plug in, i realized that the socket on my mobo is only 20 pin. I thought 20+4 meant a 20 pin + the 4 pin that plugs in elsewhere on the mobo. Am i correct and the description was wrong, or do i need a 20 pin connection? I already ordered a 20 pin PSU, and would hate to recieve it and it be wrong as well.
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  1. LOL :lol: I am such a Newb. 20+4 means you can seperate the last 4 (should've done a better search). Looks like i'm good to go :D
  2. ah.... right on both post :wink: but the +4 pin plug adjacent to the 20pins. it's not ment for the extra CPU plug, that's a different plug
    PS i would cancel that 20pin PSU or at least return it.
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