Oled to replace LCD/Plasma?

I've read some interessting stories about oled technology and the possibilities it could bring. For example the optimus keyboard that is able to program every key due to it's oled keys. But what about the displays? How long will it take when the first Oled screens will appear. The technology allready has been a long way in development and is less power consuming and has a way better refresh rate than lcd/plasma screens.
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  1. Your thread made me curious about the whole OLED situation
    Check this out for some good reading, if you havent already

    OLED info
  2. I believe that a OLED monitor has already come out... but making it to the mass market is another story. I also believe that they are easier on the ol' eyes than LCDs.
  3. Neat technology developement, but right now I think the ink screen display tech under devopement is more unique.
  4. Personally, I think SED could end up replacing LCD, Plasma and even DLP for larger screen sizes.

    SED @ Canon

    Funny, but I remember years ago, reading an article somewhere that said Canon had successfully used inkjet technology to print a single-color display onto specially coated glass. Who'd think it'd turn into an actual screen?
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