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in the future i might get 2 X1900xlx, is this power supply(ENERMAX EG851AX-VH(W) FM EPS12V 660W Power Supply 90) good enough. and if not. what should i get.
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  1. get the 750watt Silverstone PSU with Quad +12v rails. Continous power supply.

  2. thanks
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    no problem :wink: , a good power supply for SLi or crossfire should have at least 550watt overall power and at least 28A +12v rails.
  4. Well the one you were thinking of would do just fine.Just aslong as you got about 500-550W depending.Alot of the time you will need a 550W instead of a 500W.But like i said it just depends mainly on the quility of the psu and if you can afford it then the one Kanavit said to get will work.
  5. I 2nd, 3rd, and 4th that. You can't go wrong with silverstone. I've used a bunch of the 600 watt SILVERSTONE SST-ST60F (and a lot of the lower wattage ones) and they are the best ps's I've ever seen.
  6. couple things to look for in a power supply...

    modular ones are great because you can use only the wires/connectors you need (helps air flow & reduces clutter)

    if it has the new 6-pin connectors specifically for pci-e graphic cards thats great. otherwise pci-e cards will use a y-harness to connect to two molex wires.

    if quiet is a priority the most recommended is seasonic S12 series (they been around a long time) or antec neo psu's.

    efficiency - look for psu's approved by the 80 plus program. effecient psu's make for less heat less noise and smaller electric bills.
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