Athlon 64 3200+ overclocking

I am trying to over clock my Athlon 3200+ on a ASRock 939 dual-sata2 board. Heres a link to the board, it was the on in the 500 dollar pc

When i go into the bios I have the option to overclock by setting the system multiplier and voltages to manual. After I do that I can choose a multiplier and voltage but it says there is a maximum multiplier and that is the stock speed. I know that the chip is overclockable but it wont let me change the clock speed. How do I get it to change the speed?

P.S. It says the maximum voltage is1.5 but after I change the voltage to manual it is at 1.4 , Would there be any adverse effects from bumping the voltage to 1.5?
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  1. Thanks that worked, I bumped the speed up to 2.1 ghz and will try to push farther later.
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