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I am putting together a second desktop computer for my partner for her to do uni work on.

Currently I am running windows 7 home premium 64bit on my PC, am i able to install the 32bit on the second computer and just buy an online activation OR is it required that I will have to purchase another copy of Windows 7.

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  1. one copy of windows to one machine
  2. So no way of doing this online? I am going to have to go to the store and buy a second hard copy?
  3. you can buy the key online and install it with your copy of win7
  4. Part of the issue will be making sure you buy a key that matches your media. The OS and the activation doesn't know or care if you used a brand new virgin disk or a disk that's been used on other machines. The issue is A) having a product key to activate with and B) it matching the type of media.

    By "match" I mean OEM vs. retail vs. Upgrade, etc...

    All that said, you can even re-use your x64 disk for your partners machine, again, as long as you buy the correct key.
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