upgrade from 7800gt to 7900gt?

Hi everyone, I recently purchased an Evga 7800gt co se and am wondering if I would get any more performance by using the Evga step up prograqm for the basic 7900gt. Any opinions?
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  1. How much will it cost you? If its less than like 50$ I would say definately do it, pretty nice performance increase.
  2. Yes I am wondering about the same thing.
    I havent bought one yet, and THW have not dont comparison between the 7800Gt and 7900GT.
    NewEgg is selling both for about the same price.
    Any suggestions?
  3. 7900 rocks the 7800. About 10 gb/s more memory bandwidth, 4 more pixel pipelines i believe, faster memory by a lot, the core speed is faster on the respective models from each line, ahhh..... smaller die? 90 nm? not sure if the 7800 was on that too... anyways i would get the exact specs but im running out the door

    good luck, but definately choose the 7900 gt
  4. Like Ian said, depends on the price. Figure a 7900gt is the same or a little better than the 7800gtx and see if the difference is worth the price through the stepup. Price *shouldn't* be much since they're going for about the same price.
  5. Definately. I'm in the same senario and have already put in my submission with eVGA (the cards are on back order). If you look at the prices the cards are being sold for, they really can't be much more being sold by the vendor, and for the performance increase it is definately worth it.
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