Which board will more likely support Conroe, MSI or Asus

I'm slowly getting stuff prepared for Conroe upgrade :). And this month I want to get mobo, next will be ram :)

According to guys at hothardware, if the voltage regulators are good, then the mobo will be able to use Conroe. So here I have two choices, MSI or Asus. So which company mobo more likely will support Conroe? I know that Asus has reputation of good mobo producers. And I was thinking the same...until I got A8N SLI-Deluxe and had to use Aasus software and tech support (I would not wish my deadliest enemy be forced to contact Asus :P)
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  1. Yeah, ASUS makes great products, but their tech support leaves much to be desired! I had to contact them three times with my motherboard, and guess what! they never called back.

    Now about buying the mobo, I honestly recommend buying the RAM this month and maybe mobo next month just because the memory requirements arent going to change drasticly, however as much cant be said about the actual chips requirements...
  2. I don't think I'd buy a mainboard now, hoping it will support Conroe through a BIOS update later, or based on rumor that a given 975 board *might* allow the correct core voltage selection....

    In short...why buy a mainboard 4 months before a desired cpu (for said mainboard) is released?
  3. I agree! There's the potential that the mob won't even be able to realize the full potential of the chip. And the recommendation to get memory is just as bad or worse.

    I understand the excitement over the potential for serious competition heating up in the AMD/Intel performance wars. Hell, i'm excited about that, but people need to step back, take a breath and approach the upgrade rationally.
  4. Rigger, explain your theory... :?

    Personally to me, it seems reasonable to buy ram prior to buying a hopefully Conroe approved mobo because well when it comes down to it, DDR2 isn’t going anywhere for a while (at least this gen of processor), nor is PC 6400, or 7200 going to be obsolete within the next 6-12months. You could say well you don’t know what the mobo will support native, which is true but I doubt any mobo/memory manufacturer's are going to ramp up R&D to reach PC 9000 and offer native support by the time Conroe comes out, even if they did you could easily reach those speeds if you bought a good stick of PC7200. PC6400/7200 will also run fine at PC5400 speeds... Nor will Intel come out and start using RDRAM or ECC memory on standard versions of Conroe.

    At least that’s how I see it; I'm not too big of a person to admit I could be totally off though! :lol:
  5. It seems ridiculous to me to buy RAM - or any PC components - 4 months in advance of actually buying the rest of the parts for a system. Will it be obsolete if you buy it now - maybe not. Could there be something better at a better price if you wait - more than likely.

    There's always something bigger and better right around the corner in the PC world. Approach those innovations from the perspective of how that technology will benefit you. Is your current rig insufficient? How does your rig perform in what you consider critical applications? What and how much real-world benefit will you get for $xx.xx of your hard-earned dollars?!
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