2x (ATI 1600XT Crossfire) or (Nvidia 7600GT SLI) Which?

Hey if anyone can help out, I am looking for any proven performance not just opinion's of ATI or NVidia fans. I am building a new PC to game with; mostly WOW but some FPS games. Both of these cards are in my budget range and after years of only having one card, I want to try out either the Crossfire or SLI configuration rather then go with the 7800 or x1800 card for 400$. Anyone know which would be better for my situation? I have not decided which proccessor I will be using with this system, is there any compatibility pros/cons of choosing Intel or AMD with either ATI or NVidia?

Thanks, appriciate any help!
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  1. 7900 GT for $300 would be best. SLI 7600 GT looks good too. But SLI doesnt give you double preformance. I would go with 7900 GT
  2. SLI 7600 GT is slightly, slighty, slighty, better than a single 7900, but what, like $50-$100 more? so, go with a single 7900, and if you really wanted get an sli board so you could put another in later
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