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nVidia OC

Last response: in Overclocking
March 16, 2006 7:29:29 PM

Hi guys,I'll make it short.
Is it possible to OC an nVidia gfx card without passing through the "test changes" before applying the changes? Because mine won´t pass above 1100.

More about : nvidia

March 18, 2006 8:55:58 AM

Use Rivatuner. Do a google search and download it.

However, that test fails for a reason, so you may notice an increase in artifacing.
March 18, 2006 9:37:24 AM

Yeah , DownLoad RivaTuner 2 From :twisted:
Happy OverClocking :twisted:
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March 18, 2006 9:53:53 AM

I know that, I used Rivatuner mostly for the fan speed reducing, but then I bought a zalman vf700 cu and noise disappeared. Now I´m just using coolbits for 6 months or so. The gfx card is running at 580-1100, but I never saw artifacts, so I think I could raise memory speed even more, but in rivatuner and in coolbits it won´t pass the test. So I´m stuck with these speeds. Thanks anyway guys.
March 18, 2006 6:36:17 PM

Ok, it's 590/1150. Is this a good score? Remember it's AGP.
March 19, 2006 2:22:55 AM

I believe you can do a search on the ORB website and check. Probably the best way to compair.