W7 32 bit on a 64 bit machine

In order to get my wireless mini notebooks to print on a shared printer on a 64 bit machine, I had to install the 32 bit W7 on that machine. Am I losing a lot of performance by doing that? I really don't have any 64 bit programs (yet) other than IE.
I was told by Samsung tech that to get my printer to work (Samsung ml-2010)all machines had to be using 32 bit W7. He said the drivers\inf files were 32 bit.


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  1. I use the same printer,shared by 5 different machine(1x Win 7 64, 1x Win 7 32 and 3x Win Vista HP 32) but different method of sharing coz i use Dlink shareport on my Dlink DIR 655 router. Previously before using Win 7, I also has no problems sharing through other PC as well, If i'm not mistaken windows will prompt you to install drivers for the printer that you want to share (after it detects it) and you should be able to use it..
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