Windows 7 How to install email program?

my laptop wont install email programme, I need to default my gmail to send photos.
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    Windows 7 doen't come with a default mail program. Pick your favorite email program and run the installer.


    Windows Live Mail:

    If you don't like either of these two, just google for more.
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  3. Many thanks - still trying to get window 7 starter (hate it) to stop telling me I have no default when I have installed it, but you have pointed me in the right direction.
    I miss window XP soooo much - call me a dinosaur. :ange:
    Thanks again.
  4. Although Hawkeye22 provided the best/easiest options. There are a couple of others.
    (1) you can port (Not an install) Windows vista winmail over to a win 7 system. Did that on my wife's new win 7computer. She liked Vista Winmail and did not want to switch. Not a simple procedure as (a) you need to change admin privilege on vista to user and copy the folder to a USB stick, then change the adimin privilage to give user full control on the win 7 system, rename the folder to Old whatever and then copy the vista winmail folder over and finally run the dot exe.

    (2) For die hard Outlook" You can use a copy of uSoft Office with Outlook included and install that. Note this would not be outlook express, but the full version of Outlook. This is what I did for my Win 7 computer, and then I exported My emails from my vista computer (winmail) to Outlook on my Win 7 computer.
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