missing pwr_fan connector for Ultra Xfinity PSU?

i, I'm building a comp for the first time, and I've run into something weird. My ASUS mobo's manual says that I need to plug a 3-pin connector from my power supply to the pwr_fan connector, but I can't find such a 3-pin connector among my PSU's cables (Ultra Xfinity 500W).

Do some power supplies not have this 3 pin connector? Or maybe I should look harder among the mess of cables? Is this thing solely for monitoring the fan speed? Thanks!
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  1. Yes.. My Antec PSU has a green wire with 3 pin for RPM on the PSU fan(s).

    If your PSU doesn't have it, I wouldn't worry too much about it. I think the bios can be set to ignore it, or it does ignore it when it doesn't sense it hooked up.
  2. Thanks! I've got my computer up and running (using it right now), and it seems ok so far!
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