7900GT - does the brand matter?


I'm about to buy a 7900GT, but I'm wondering whether the brand matters.

I have my eyes on a Asus 7900GT. Is this one just as good as the others?

Advice, please....
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  1. I Say Go For eVGA or BFG or XFX ! Because They Have Better Clocks At Stock Settings , and If You Are An OverClocker Go For eVGA as They Have Better OverClocking Ability :twisted:
    Leadtek Is Good Too :D
  2. ya i'd say evga for ocing as well step-up program not to meition warrenty for ocing and modding as well.
  3. i'd go with evga for better stock clocks and overclocking those. also great warranty and step-up program.
  4. I was looking EVERYWHERE for the GT version and they are out of stock, it seems, everywhere. I gave in, though, and spent $345 for the eVGA super OC one....I think its the one that is 550 and 1730 or something like that. I figured it was worth the 40 dollar premium AND it was in stock at NEW EGG.
  5. Thanks guys. I took your advice and bought the cheapest 7900gt I could find - which was the Asus one - stock 450/1320.

    I've read several other places that the pre-oc cards simply just has been applied a newer bios. Hardware is the same.

    So I had to try to see if my card could reach the oc speeds........... and YES....

    Haven't pushed far enough for artifacting yet, but so far I've reached 610/1800!!! Need some memory cooling before pushing it further (theyre burning at 1800).
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