Scored 3904 in 3DMark06! Is this normal for my System??

Hi, so i ran 3DMark06 for the first time today cause i was having some problems with my geforce 7800gtx, and i scored 3904 total :? Is this normal for my system?? Tell me what you think, Thanks.

Here it is:
AMD Athlon 64 3700+ (scored around 850)
Asus a8n-sli Premium
Seasonic 600W PSU
Xfx geforce 7800Gtx 256mb (450Mhz)
2gigs Corsair RAM
WD Raptor 150GB
Display - LG 19' LCD monitor
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  1. hu i get around 4800 in 3dmark06 with my system but mines overclocked to max :) that might help mine , have you updated all your drivers? that some times can hender performance :D
  2. Your System Is OverClocked To The MAX !! I Think 3900 Point in 3DMark 2006 Is Normal For a Stock 7800GTX :twisted:
    Hey rHy0 Dont Worry , Your System Is Normal , You Can OC your CPU and GPU To Max and Get Over 5000 Point in 3DMark 2006 :twisted:
  3. looks good to me.
    my 3dmark06 score is 4489 at stock settings with a 7900gt, which i believe is the same as a 7800gtx. ( cpu score is 1600 ).
  4. Alright thanks guys for the help but my system if far from alright... For some strange reason my graphics cards performance is constantly reducing. Its at a point now where i get 30fps min in FEAR and thats with every setting on mimimum detail! :cry: :evil: Its wierd cause nothing on my system detects a problem!! which makes things worse!! If anyone knows whats going on plz help cause im about to give up on it!!
  5. Yes that score (approx. 4000) is quite normal for your setup. Check my setup, and you'll see I have a very similar one to yours. Same CPU and Graphics card (though its slightly more Factory overclocked). I get around 4200 in 3dMark06 and 8600+ in 3DMark05.

    The reason for a lower score in 3Dmark06 is the fact that it figures CPU scores in the final 3Dmark06 score as opposed to 3Dmark05 which only figured in the Graphics card scores. Hence, anyone with a dual-core processor will score a lot better then a single core owner in 3Dmark06.
  6. Some of this is basic and cand be seen on many threads here, and maybe you already know/tried this but here goes:

    definitly like was said above, update drivers. get them for your mobo chipset @ nvidias site along w/ the video card ones. Also, make sure you dont have drivers from an old hardware install, like old ati drivers or something. (should show up in add and remove programs)

    Also, make sure you dont have an antivirus running in background durring the game as that will definitly slow you down. I am assuming this is a fairly new install of windows? (if not then you may need a repair/brand new install) get a good defrag util like diskkeeper and run it. Windows defrag is not good enough.

    This one takes time: Go to msconfig and under startup tab uncheck everything and restart when prompted. Nothing there is required to run the system... after that then try the game. if all is ok then you can start re-enabling each one and restarting and running until you find the one that is causing the prb. I would reccomend keeping most of the stuff in there diabled anyway as it is mostly useless like quick time task and winamp helper (or whatever it is called) These are mostly craplets from programs that just eat resources for no reason.

    If none of that worked then you can go to the more time consuming issue of reinstalling everything... unless someone else has another step i didn't think about... good luck.
  7. Okay thanks ill try that. So what your saying is that this is a common problem?
  8. well, I have just had systems go on a slowdown trend that can be reversed once you find the (typically useless) app that is causing the slowdown... in rare cases I have had to do a repair/reinstall of windows to fix it as it was something that i liken to carbon buildup on engine cylinders in a car that need to be "burned off"... kinda weak analogy but ya, it is common.
  9. Okay well im reinstalling/installing new nvidia drivers now so ill see what happens...
  10. It seems the CPU DOES make a noticable difference in3DMark 05/06
    I guess anything faster than a Pentium 4 3.0 Ghz HT will have diminishing returns.
    Correct ?
  11. Okay reinstalling drivers didnt work. Do you think reinstalling windows would fix the graphics problem?
  12. did you try the msconfig steps i mentioned? (to get to it go to the "run" dialog in the start menu and type "msconfig")
  13. Yeah i did try that but i had a problem. I just disabled 1 first but when i restarted it just kept freezing, and then it gave me the safe mode screen so i had to start in safe mode and set msconfig back to default!? I really have the feeling this is a serious problem...
  14. ya, that is not usually a good thing cause everything in the startup tab of msconfig is non-essential for windows to run. So if there is lockups after disabling them then that is not a good sign...

    ...of course you said you disabled only 1? Perhaps try disabling all of them cause it may be that another you didn't disable relied on the one you did and thus the lockup. Try it w/o any checked in the startup tab and see if it locks... if it does then you will be looking at a reinstall unless someone else on the forum here has found a different fix for this issue... ?? anyone... ??

    I dont know of one though... bummer but good 'cause you will have a new clean os soon... gotta look at the bright side. 8)
  15. Alright thanks for all your help man, i really think ill just reinstall windows and just hope my games run flawlessly again. Really preciate your support. thanks again.
  16. OK , Here What I Think You Should Do Friend :
    1- BeForce You Delete Your Windows , Install an Anti Virus Program To Make Sure You Dont Have Any Virus !!
    2- Intsall a Fresh Windows XP SP2
    3- Install Your Mobo Drivers From The Mobo CD ( I Dont Recommanded Download The Newer Version !)
    4- Install nVidia 84.20 Driver (Download it From
    5- Dont Install Any thing else , Just Install F.E.A.R. and Check the Performance ( You SHOULD be Able To Play It at 1024x768+4xAA+16xAF At Maximum Setteing , But Without SofShadows because it doesnt work with AA)
    6- If Still Have Problem ... Thats Beyond My Understanding :twisted:
  17. Okay wait a second 84.20!? I didnt know bout that driver! It wasnt on nvidia website, only 81.98. Are you sure that would work for my vid card 7800gtx 256mb?
  18. nv continually releases beta and pre-release versions... not really sure why they do that and then take months before one of those versions makes it on their site... ati just releases theirs official ~ once a month on their site so it is different.

    Sometimes you can get better perf out of Nv's pre-release stuff on these other sites, especially on newer cards.
  19. So would you say that would fix my graphics related problem (low framerates etc.) ?
  20. The conclusion is that if you run 3DMark06 without a dual core CPU, your screwed, a few friend at a forum( discussed this, and some of them with dual core and single core cpus test with same hardware(exp CPU), its just that the CPU test in 3DMark06 now count more percentage in the total 3DMark, thats somewhat forcing us to move to dual core.

    If your lazy to read the above, I mean that wthout a Dual core cpu, your 3DMark in 3DMark06 is screwed.
  21. Okay so i updated my driver and ran 3DMark06 again and got 3967 compared to my previous 3906 score. FEAR, a bit better but my system still cant run it like it used to :( So im just gonna do a clean windows install.
  22. he is actually talking about a slowdown he is having in a game like FEAR. he mentioned that in an above post man.

    it is always worth a try doing what px7800 said... worst case is that you are reinstalling windows and that is never a bad thing for a system, just time consuming. Just remember when you get to the point of installing 3rd party software be selective on what you install... dont just assume that whatever comes w/ a video card/mobo/other peripherial is good software. (this is after what he said above about only installing the drivers and the game and testing)

    Most extra disks that come w/ stuff are pointless to install and you will never use. Some you may use. If you have a doubt on whether or not you will use something then just dont install it. The more misc junk you get on a system the slower it could perform.

    But try it, it is essentially what I was saying earlier just prb better to understand how he wrote it... :)
  23. Okay guys i just started copying the things i need to CD and im unable to copy 3DMark06 which i payed for today! Ive never needed to reinstall windows before so i dont know much about this. Is there a way around this?
  24. you should be able to copy the executable that you downloaded to disk. Not sure why you wouldn't be able to do that... also just check w/ futuremark online and if you bought through them then you should be able to re-download it and just use your registration again...

    just check w/ them to make sure... they should help you out if you paid for it.
  25. WOW :o Did You Pay For 3DMark06 ??
    Oh Boy I Never Buy For Any Program Except Windows XP !! ( That For 1 $ )
    In Our Country You Can Buy A DVD With Full of Programs (Full Version)+ Windows XP (all Version ) For Only 2 or 3 $ :twisted:
    That So Nice , Isnt ?
  26. Okay, yeah i was thinking that. I still have my registration code and such printed out so check it out, thanks.
  27. Yeah Ireland is a rip off, one of the most expensive countries in da world :x Anyway i didnt know you could get 3DMark for free :oops: thanks for lettin me know, ill check it out.
  28. Hey rHy0 , Didnt You Have X850XT PE ?? and Played Most Wanted in MAX Detail ? Or Maybe I`m Just Talking About Some One Else ... :twisted:
  29. well, i think he is refering to a different "free" than what you are saying... so for the full version w/ all the options available you need to pay for it in countries like yours or mine. You can of course find it at that "free" state online (bittorrent) but again, in countries that actually police piracy paying is really what you should do. Unfortunately what he is talking about is what is causing the real problems with needing DRM crap that forces us legit buyers into needing keys/cd checks etc... (hope i dont spark this into a DRM thread, not intending too here...)
  30. Alright guys im having a problem reinstalling windows. When it got to the part where you choose the partitioned space on the the hard drive to install it on it told me that there was already a previous version of windows already on the partition and that it wouldnt be safe to install another one!!? Can you guys help me out? thanks.
  31. it should say taht there is a previous install and then say something like "if you install you will lose all data... blah blah" It still gives you the option to install you just have to hit a different key to proceed. this is normal, and windows does this to make sure you know that you are wiping all info off of the old partition... kinda CYA proceedure for them and u. Go ahead and do it though cause you dont want what is on there... it is bad anyway. ;)
  32. Okay now im getting 3 options "Format the partition using the NTFS file system(Quick), "Format the partition using the NTFS file system" or Leave the current file system intact(no changes)?? I never came across before so what do i select??
  33. quick format is faster and prb ok for you, the other format is slower but wipes everything much better... if you have the time do that one, but the quick will be ok if you have a newer drive that has not been re-done a bunch of times already. Leaving the filesystem intact is just that... and you dont want to do that cause you want it all gone. ;)
  34. Okay its copying files now. The only one concern i have now is that bout an hour ago it decided to try the Repair Windows installation option just to check it out but it basically went through the whole installation from scratch but differently. Worst was when i logged to reboot and install a message came up saying that my registry key had expired or sumtin like that and that id need to enter a new one!!? Does this mean that will happen now when iv done a proper clean install!? or will it basically be as if i was registering windows for the first time??
  35. it will act like registering for the first time... but when you do it should just connect to the internet and be fine cause it will recognize that it is the same system (hardware wise) if you have any issues you will have the option of calling m$ and confirming w/ them that it is the same system. I have had to do that once and they were actually really cool about it and all went fine.

    either way it will work for ya pretty easy.
  36. Sojrner thanks for all the help, got my system up up and running with a nice clean windows install :)
  37. hey man, np... i know how frustrating it can be when you feel lost. Good luck on the now faster gaming. :D
  38. Hey rHy0 , You Didnt Answer My Question , Are The Guy Who Had X850XT PE , And Play NFS Most Wanted at Max Detail ????... :twisted:
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