Picked up an X850 Pro last night

Here's what I got last night for $179 at CompUSA.


It looked like a pretty good price, especially considering that I'm coming out of the stone ages (nvidia based 32mb card). I haven't updated anything since I bought my computer 3 years ago!!! I plan to do some more upgrades down the road. Any suggestions to go with what I've got.

It's a VPR Matrix 226R, Pentium 4 2.26, Intel mobo D845EBT
, PC2100 1gb ram, 300w PSU. Any thoughts?
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  1. Its a good enough card to run current games well, but isnt the 7600GT the same cost as that? It would have been the better buy if it is.
  2. Is it AGP? I didn't think that they made it in an AGP.
  3. Thats a sweet price for a top notch AGP card! Good find.
  4. I want to say "thank you" to this board for helping me find it. Someone mentioned it on another post. I went directly to COMPUSA and found one left on the shelf behind another graphic card. I guess somebody was hiding it!!!
  5. Ah, I didnt realise it was for AGP.
  6. I also recently purchased that same card from compusa. I did try flashing it to xt/pe speeds and opening the 4 extra pipes but the pipes would not open( you can see the lazer cut near the gpu disabling the extra 4 pipes). This card is highly overclocable I purchased the ati silencer for it and is a noticible difference in temps and noise. in stock setting I get a 3dmark05 score around 5300 and 5600 overclocked with factory cooling. I havent tried overclocking since i got the new silencer, but i expect it to go a little higher esp with cooling for the memory now. Everything I play has played fine so far. Hopefully this card will hold me for another year or more.

    asus p4p800 deluxe
    p4 3.2 prescott
    2 1gb corsair xms c2
    ati x850pro
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