I have been trying to play COD,blackops.It installed without any trouble but when I actually play it this error pops up:

"d3dx9_43.dll is missing"

Now I am using windows 7 home premium 64bit & have directX 11 which was installed by default.

So do u have any idea how to fix this problem & from where can I download latest versions of directX?

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  1. Oh yes I have hp G62 with intel i3 core....
  2. Ok so having solved that problem now it says that "steam must be running to play this game" Now what on earth does that mean?? :@
  3. So while downloading steam it says that it requires elevation....WHAT!!
  4. Ahh,this is so frustrating.

    I downloaded steam & add COD in it then it says cilk here to play the game,after clicking on it mouse pointer rotates(as it does whnever it's loading something) & then guess what nothing happens......No error just nothing.....I even unintalled it & then reinstalled it but no success.

    People plz help me out here.
  5. Ok guys it's up & running. :D

    Don't woory will ask u people again if I face any further problem......
  6. The best answer is the one you come up with....
  7. once again I saved the day, you're welcome
  8. Ok,so I have been playing this game & it's really good except for few drawbacks.
    Anyways sometimes while I am playing it gets little stuck & through CPU meter gadget I see that CPU usage tells me that it's upto 50% or so & hence the slowing down of game.

    So what do you people think is the solution?Another fan maybe??
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