HP OfficeJet d145 Scanner Error

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Where are HP mirrors that need to be cleaned & how to clean them?

I love the way my HP office jet d145 prints (when it prints),
but all too often it's laid up. It's been this way ever since
I purchased it three or four years ago. I should have returned
this ojd145 within a month, but, while the HP officejet was
indeed finicky, I normally could get it working within an hour
by banging on the side or opening and closing the hinges or by
shutting it off and turning it on repeatedly.

This standard hour-long HPOJd145 persuasive technique has been
getting longer and longer over the past six to twelve months.

So, in HP exasperation, I come to you (& Bob Headrick) for guidance.

In searching the net, I see many others have the same issues with
this apparently mechanically unsound (yet otherwise beautiful printer),

particularly I see repeated suggestions to "clean the mirrors" in order
to overcome the incessant "Scanner Error" & "Scanner Failure"
HP OfficeJet d145 all-in-one printer messages.

I (think I) have two choices:
a) Continue to bang and curse & power cycle the printer 'till it works,
b) Or clean those mirrors to get the office jet d series working?
c) Or do you have a better idea to get my beloved HP printer working?

What I'd like to know (since I don't see any mirrors anywhere) is:
Where are these mirrors that need to be cleaned and how to clean them?

BTW, there's NOTHING in the manual that came with the printer on this
Thanks in advance for your help for a fellow HP OJ d-series printer.
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  1. Archived from groups: comp.periphs.printers, comp.periphs.scanners, comp.sys.hp.hardware (More info?)

    Halian Kuramoto wrote:
    > I love the way my HP office jet d145 prints (when it prints),
    > but all too often it's laid up. It's been this way ever since
    > I purchased it three or four years ago.

    The HP office jet d-series printers are mechanically unreliable.
    But help for you abounds out there from experts on the web.
    Yet the onus is upon you to do your own homework (manual labor).

    1. First, print your HP software serial, revision, & test data:
    On the HP OJ d145 control panel, press "Menu" then "3" then "5".
    3 = (print report)
    5 = (self-test report)

    This will print your hp printer model (officejet d145),
    serial number (SG28I498AVRH), Service ID (13003),
    FW Revision (GD621R), Total Page Count (221),
    Black Ink Level (66%), Color Ink Level (33%), status OV
    Installation date for Black Ink (01/01/2004),
    Installation date for Color Ink (01/01/2004),
    Expiration date for Black Ink (02/16/2005) hp no. 14 hp c5011a
    Expiration date for Color Ink (02/16/2005) hp no. 14 hp c5010a

    Note if you can eak out more than 300 pages between breakdowns,
    on an HP office jet d-145, consider yourself extremely lucky.


    2. Second, rigorously follow HP's dirty contacts cleaning instructions

    3. Especially follow cleaning instructions for rollers, print carriage
    and the service station & capping station, as shown in:

    4. Reinstall all new drivers for your OS from the HP web site:

    5. If you run Windows XP (you didn't say) install new HP winxp drivers:

    6. Analyze any HP printer error messages using this as a guide:

    7. Do some more cleaning of the cartridge contacts following:

    If this doesn't resolve your scanner errors, maybe someone else who
    has the same printer we have can resolve it for you.

    I've had nothing but mechanical trouble with my HP Office Jet D145
    printer ever since the day it came home but I too love the way that HP
  2. Try using the scan function with using "send directly to photo view center". If I use the preview then I get the error, but If I use send direct, then no error. Good luck.
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