Opteron 165 vs. X2 3800+

I'm about 2 upgrade my system with a fatal1ty AN8, 2GB OCZ Platinum DDR 400, a 7900GT or a X1800XT depending on price at the time, now I need to decide which will be the best CPU when overclocked.

In the UK the opty 165 is around £250 ($500) and the X2 3800+ is £210 ($420). Yep UK prices are a bitch. So any ideas which would be the best one to go for gaming, multitasking and some 3D and photo editing?
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  1. great question. I will be following this thread, as I am in the same boat as you!
  2. Generally, the opterons do much better. They tend to overclock higher and are usually better performers for that reason alone. I would definately go for the opty.
  3. well it matters. if you pair it with the right board and wanna overclock the hell out of it the opty wins. but honestly the board you have is ok. should be able to hit 2600 mhz but if i were you id go for a dfi lp series
  4. opteron always
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