NEO4 PLATINUM CMOS Battery Problem

Hello to all!
CMOS battary is running out of voltage JUST in 2-3 DAYS MAX.. ? i got many threads same as of my mobo's issue. Anyone can help in solving such problem?

System: NEO4 Plat. Mobo,
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  1. yes it could be a short draining the power, i know that fibres and even hair plus dust are very good conductors, so if either one of them has made a connection between the battery and solder joint, that might be the problem
  2. Dude :) The CMOS battery normally lasts for years because all that it supplies is voltage (to hold the contents of the CMOS "memory"), so if your battery croaks within days it says to me that you have a "short" ... something is conducting enough current to drain the battery. Try vacuuming or blowing both sides of your mobo as clean as possible.
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