epox 9npa3ultra power issue

Hi i was looking for a nf4 board and decided on the 9npa3ultra. I just can't get this board to power. Tried 2 of these and neither will post. I have tried 3 psu's and none will startup while connected to the board (i have tried my main ocz 600 sli, my backup Coolermaster 430, and a enermax liberty). I tested each psu alone and they work fine. So what else could be the issue. I have double checked all the connectors and even added extra load with extra fan and the floppy. I assembled out of case with either or all of psu, cpu (x2 3800) with heatsink, 1 or 2 sticks of memorey (2 gig ocz platinum 3200 kit) in different dimms, video (6800gs), and sata drive. Got any ideas i missed? Thanks
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  1. It was me that caused the problem with this board. I placed the powerbutton connecter from the case in the wrong spot... look at whats printed on the board people since the manuel was'nt correct. After switching that connector it booted rite up . This board was a great buy because of all the features and because it was the latest released of the ultra boards so the bios was stable, did'nt have a usb issue (like many of the 9npa+ ultra boards do), no sata issue (like many other boards of this series do), and POWERbios really makes OCing simple. Was running great with 2 gigs of ocz platinum 3200 and my 3800+ x2. And as far as the lack of firewire on this board, I did'nt need it since my audigy 2 zs has built in firewire and a connector for the slot in front of my case so that combo works great.
    This has been a tough build though since my psu just died, hopefully my exchange with OCZ will be quick. It sucks since I only had this psu for 2 months.
  2. I've had no problems with this board at all.

    Opteron 165 @ 2.7 auto volts stock cooler
    9NPA3 Ultra
    2G HyperX @ 250 MHz 2.5-4-4-7-1T
    BFG 7950GT oc
    250 G Seagate Sata2
    PowerUP 550W
    Coolermaster Centurion5

    Like u said this board was a great deal for $75. If u need firewire u can get a pci card for <$10 online. Originally had 1G Geil @ same speed. Upgraded to the HyperX, popped it in at same settings, booted fine, dual prime stable 24 hours, no prob!
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