Quietest 7200RPM Hard Drive?

Looking to buy two 7200RPM hard drives for my next computer, which will be built when new CPUs and the next nvidia cards (8000 series) come out. This will probably be built at the end of this year. Thinking of either Western Digital Caviar SE16 250GB or Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 10 NCQ 250GB opting more toward the WD because I heard they were better than maxtor. I am not going to get raptors because I find them too noisey going for a quiet system. Cheers!
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  1. Seagates in general have always been the quietest, Maxtors (Which will be Seagates) the loudest. I just bought 2 of the 7800.9 series in 80 GB flavor and I cannot hear them at all. Western Digitals falls between the two. Never used Hitachi or IBM drives.
  2. Yeah used to have two 160gb seagates with 2mb caches and remember them being quiet but I remember them being a bit slow are the 8mb cache ones faster. The WDs have 16mb cache on the 250GB+ drives or is this not a big factor on performace just on how fast information if transfered.
  3. This shows a comparison of lots of old hard drives though not the newest WD or Maxtor ones. This does show some impressive stats from seagate though.
  4. So you don't think sata 2 makes a difference?
  5. Quote:
    So you don't think sata 2 makes a difference?

    Not the slightest bit other than hot-plugging.
    Many SATAI drives have NCQ too like my Seagate 7200.8, useless for single-user of course.

    Sorry what is hot plugging? Why is NCQ useless for single users I thought it was just a faster way of tranferring information no?
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