Any body playing EVE?

Just signed up for the TOMs 14day trial. ANyone else playing this?
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  1. I played it for a month or 2 a while back. Initially the game is fantastic and I loved it but it gets very VERY shallow after a while.

    The only real locations in the game are identical asteroid fields, space stations or space gates. Least that was the wya it was when I played it. Eventually it just bored the pants off me. In saying that I know ppl who play it constantly and have been doing do for ages. It all depends what u want out of a game.

    On the upside it plays really well over a 56k modem and it's the sort of game you can play windowed and browse the net or chat or whatever. Oh and the ship designs are beautiful even if ulimately there are only one or 2 ships worth flying in the entire game

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  2. I played the two week trial a little over a month ago, and I've thought of subscribing, I just don't have the time to commit to it right now. I will say it was the most friendly and helpful MMORPG community I've encountered in those two weeks I played.
  3. Oh yeah I'll agree there. Everyone who plays it seems to be dead sound and people tend to "pay it forward" as well like I was given a decent fully equipped starting ship for free by a player who was also given his starting ship for free and so on and so on.

    "Its only when you look at ants closely with a magnifying glass on a sunny day that you realise how often they burst into flames"
  4. I played Eve-Online for several months and I thought it was a fun game, especially if you get into a good corporation (guild). The real fun of the game for me is the PvP, where I've flown in everything from small skirmishes with a few ships to huge fleet battles with over 100 ships on each side (and yes it can get laggy, but every mmo gets laggy at that scale).

    It takes at least 3-4 months to build the skills necessary to actually have a prayer in PvP, and if you want to pilot a battleship you'll need maybe six months to train all the supporting skills high enough to be effective (on top of just training to pilot the thing).

    Fun Eve facts:
    Eve-Online holds the record for the most players online simultaneosly in the same game world with over 12,000 players.

    There are over 50,000 active accounts.

    CCP, the game's developer, has about 40 employees.

    I still play of and on, and as soon as I get sick of WoW I'll probably play some more.

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  5. Thanks All for your comments so far. They have pretty much convinced me to hold off on playing the 14 day trial. I play EQ a lot now and that time commitment is pretty serious. No real time to start new on EVE especially since it seems that to really get involved to a satisfying level takes more time than the free trial wil allow.
  6. Heheh it wasn't really my intent to drive you away from the game with my comments. If you want to play any MMORPG then you can expect to have to play it for months to see most of the game's content. A lot of the end-game content in Eve is player-created. There are alliances of corporations that have thousands of members and are at constant war with other corporations and alliances.

    As far as the total time you have to commit, one of the nice things about Eve is that all of your skills train whether you are on or offline. Playing lots of hours doesn't make the skills advance any faster, though you have to log in to make any real cash.

    And as far as Pvp:
    Eve > All other MMO's

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    Experience comes from bad judgement.</font color=blue>
  7. 2 seconds ago I just posted to Wizard about this.. I just found out about this game and i'm told it's really awesome. I'm going to subscribe to the 14-day trial.

    Look up a "vonkaplanak" and tell him you know "Mike from Oldcastle" - He's been playing for 2 years and he'll help you out and teach you everything.

    He was showing me around the game and how it works -

    best part is you don't actually need to devote all that time to playing - you pick skills and it improves over time whether you play or not.. now that's awesome.

    -- the only thing that requires you to play is to improve your ship/weapons.. money just doesn't appear ya know.. but other than that.. there is no skill level.. you pick what you want to improve.. it might say '3 days to advance next level' in a certain skill.. so in 3 days, you advance to the next skill level.

    You can pick what you want to improve, log out.. and it's constantly going up.. without playing.. so you don't have to keep shooting to improve your aim.. it does it automatically.. it's always training.. but you can only select so many at a time.. you have to pick certain things to balance out.

    I hear it's really worth playing and it can be really fun..
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  8. no

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  9. Give it a month and you will realise it's utterly souless

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  10. What MMOG hasn't been? It's all repetitive stuff.

    I have a great idea for a MMOG.. I just need to really lay it out.
  11. Been playing it off and on for a year now.

    If you treat it like a hobby, not a game, you'll see the value in this game. Its a truely long-term investment. Not like WoW where you can level up a character in 3 months or less and be just as uber as anyone else.

    The real fun in Eve comes in the player interaction - finding new and different ways to make money by ripping suckers off, pirating, or working with other players to achieve various goals (player owned stations, claiming territory, etc.) Basic newbie things like solo mining are about as fun as watching paint dry. The original response was wrong about only 2 ships being worth flying. There are tons of ships worth flying, each with very different strategies. The PVP (even PVE NPC hunting) aspects of the game can be quite deep.

    It is, however, VERY slow paced. It will be a long time before you can play with the big boys, so you have to have patience. This is why I call it more a hobby than a game.
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