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I have a network set up using a Belkin mod# F5D5230-4 Router.My network works gr8, no problems there.I use cable modem for online. My problem is connecting to multi-player games ( Links 2003 ) when my kids computer is on.
I have set all ports and stuff in my router, it works fine as long as our 2nd computer is not running. So i think my problem is in Direct Connection. I think it gets confussed on which computer to go to.Can anyone help with this.

Also, i can add services to my XP Firewall, does anyone know what to enter for Direct X Play and Links 2k3?, if i can maybe get this to work, then i can put router in DMZ and still be protected.

1st Comp.
AMD Athlon 1.4 ,256 DDR Ram,Win XP, GeForce2 400 64 mb

2nd Comp.
AMD Athlon 900 mhz. , 196 SDRAM , Win 98 2nd, ATI Pro 128 16mb
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  1. TT Vins 2 computers playing thru a router at the same time have to use the same ports (normally) if your both trying to play the same game then both PC's are trying to use the same ports at the same time. Basicly you can't have both PC's play the same game at the same time thru the router. I have done a little research into this being a gamer myself. If you could follow up with a few more details myself or others here might be able to give a little more insight.
  2. Only my computer is playing the games, so only 1 computer is using the ports.
  3. Some games support multiple players on the same ip adress. I personally have had 3 players online in Battlefield 1942,Giants.AOE series,Descent series etc..

    Different games need different ports open or forwarded in order to work.

    The easyest method.
    Dissable DHCP in the router.

    Assign each computer a specific IP adress,subnet mask in your routers range and DNS numbers from your ISP .Also set your gateway to the adress of the router.

    Now forward the required ports for your games, direct play or what ever port your game requires to the IP adress of your computer.

    DMZ is not good for normal internet useage. This takes your firewall protection off for that computer.I suggest only forwarding the required ports you need.

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