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ok i got a question lets say i wanna purchase an X850XT

then i decide i wanna do crossfire, i have a crossfire mobo do i need to replac emy X850 with a crosfire supported vid card or can i just a crossfire supported card next to my X950XT?
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  1. ok so what can i pair?

    can i pair a normal X850XT with a X1600 crossifre?
    i kno its not specific like SLi but im sure there are some boundries

    *edit i meant X850 in my first post not 950
  2. No can only crossfire cards of the same generation so:

    x850 with and x850


    X1600 with an x1600

    You can use cards of the same generation with different speeds togehter.

    Also the x1600 and x1300 do not need crossfire master cards you can use 2 plain cards together and they will work as crossfire(no external cable is needed).
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