PCI-E speed 1X or 16X ?

Got a few quick question.

Are video cards specific to PCI-E slot speed? Such as if I were to get a MB with only PCI-E 1x, will I only only be able to use a specific video card to 1X?

Or will all PCI-E VGA work? and will there be any performance loss with using one on a 1X PCI-E as oppose to 16X. I would assume so, correct?

Thanks for the help.
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  1. If you get an mb with only 1x slots you won't be able to fit anything into it that requiers 4x or 8x as the bus can't handle it. Some video cards will run in a 4x but I've never seen one that will fit a 1x, I think matrox has some monitor expanders that do but I can't recall for sure. Most any board that has pci-e will have 1 8x minimum.
  2. There aren't any videocards that'll fit into the PCIe1x slot.
  3. It's important to understand the PCI-e 16X slot is physically bigger than the PCI-e 1X or 4X slot. You can't fit a PCI-e 16x card into one of the smaller PCI-e slots.

    Take a look at this pic. Starting at the right, the yellow slots are plain old pci, plain old pci, PCI-e 16X, pci-e 1x, pci-e16x, pci-e 4x.
  4. Stinkers, I am 3rd to reply by just 1 minute. :roll:
  5. AHHH I C. That answers everything. 16x for VGA and basically all other speeds are for other controller type cards and what not.

    Thanks for the picture illustration, that explains alot.

    Cool, thanks for the responses. So a PCI-E 16X is a must.
  6. Quote:
    There aren't any videocards that'll fit into the PCIe1x slot.

    Well Matrox does have the G550 and P650 in PCIE-1X format, which are full cards, not just monitor expanders as mentoned above, they also have PCI-X cards too. 8)


    Yahoo Matrox post +1 ! :mrgreen:

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