Reflashing X1900XT to X1900XTX BIOS INFO

I was wondering if it was possible to reflash the BIOS of an XT card to that of an XTX. If it is, can someone tell me how to (a) find the bios file of an xtx, and (b) the procedure for doing it and (c) if it's recommended. Thx

Answered my own question. For those interested, check this out:
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  1. This should work, but its just fine to overclock the X1900XT to XTX levels using the overclocker available here:
  2. I like this one for overclocking teh 1800/1900 cards...
  3. Thanks, i'll give it a try. It must be new though cos when the X1800XT was releases, the utility at driverheaven was the only one compatible with varying 2d and 3d clocks independantly.

    Sorry, sys tool does not work. My graphics card stopped responding when I bumped it up to 700mhz.

    Overclocker is the only one that does work properly.
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