cooling my 1900 xtx

I want a soloution for cooling my vid card. My cpu(4800+) doesnt get hot.

whats out there for less than 300 bucks, so I can max out my vid card and not have any worries?

I play fear and this card gets hot. I am using a control center profile, and not even maxing this thing out and I get 88 to 90 degees C.

I dont want to make the heat fan spin faster with ati tool. My case is great. tons of awesome fans.

I want a easy, cheap water system.

any ideas?
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  1. First of all... what graphics card do you have? X800XT/GT/GTO/XL? X850Pro/XT/XT PE? Or one of the new x1000 series ati cards? I can guess you have an ATI card since you are using ATItool, but if you are more specific, then i can start talking figures... :)
  2. I feel so STUPID now... i need to hit myself... hard.... preferably with a sack of BRICKS... GAH!!
  3. I've seen this cooler before, but it looks like it just exhausts the air back into the case. One of the benefits for having a two-slot card was so that the air could be exhausted outside the case, correct? So why wouldn't Arctic just provide a plastic housing that mimics this? Why dump the heat back into the case and assume other airflow will take care of it?

  4. Because the cooler is designed for BTX spec airflow.... not ATX airflow, meaning it will really strut its stuff inside BTX PCs and that exhausting the heat out of the case isn't possible/required.....
  5. Acceleros aren't crappy :( ... i have one doing a good enough job on keeping my X1900XT cool whilst being very quiet.... its good! Don't be discouraged by it not having one feature that previous AC coolers had...
  6. True... but if your case ventilation is good enough, there shouldn't be much to worry about....
  7. wusy, the conception that the vga hsf does its job best by dumping the heat outside the case is false.

    take cpu hsfs for example, the vast majority don't dump the heat directly outside the case (besides btx). why is this?

    because the job of the hsf is to release heat from teh chip to the direct environment. the case fans are what removes the case heat.

    example? how the zalman v700 owns the nvidia silencer which "dumps the heat outside the case"
  8. any thing then water you would suggest?

    I want this card at normal load to be cool. Not high 80 's
  9. The Accelero keeps my X1900XT at the mid-60s on load, instead of the mid 70s with the stock cooler, which is a considerable difference in cooling. If you really want watercooling, go with alphacool, they have vga cooling block for x1800/1900 series cards, but don't forget to get the mosfet block for the card, since you are going to lose the airflow over it when going to watercooling.
  10. oh dearie dear

    those alpha blocks are a brick wall for flow.... definitly not suggested and will perform worse than a maze 4, mp1 or mcw60.

    as for ram and mofset blocks -_- i should slap you for considering those, they contribute absolute nothing to overclock and kill a whole bunch of flow.

    just get some good case airflow and your set (and ram sinks for the graphics ram)
  11. Heh... i'm no expert at watercooling... oh well... :D

    It would be nice to be able to buy one of these coolers for your card.
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