Good E-tailer for AGP ATi Cards

It seems as if they're really hard to find. If anyone knows where to find good ATI AGP cards, such as: X850XT/PE and X800GTO's, let me know.
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  1. Kinda need a country or location to help with this question
  2. I live in the US. I'm hoping to find a an X800 GTO that can be unlocked (as some cannot), X800 GTO2, or X850XT. Keep in mind, I'm looking for AGP-based cards.
  3. I dont think there is a x800gto2 for agp or any that can be unlocked.
    Might be wrong but last time I checked there was not any.
  4. I buy all of my stuff from Newegg. They don't seem to have a good AGP ATi Selection. The only AGP-based ATi card that interested me is this one:

    I was also considering this 6800 GS:

    Preferably, If I could find a good AGP-based ATi card, such as the X800 GTO2, X850 Pro, X850XT, or X850XT PE.
  5. Retail Box Sapphire X800GTO AGP $173 free shipping. For those like me who gets charged sales tax from the Egg, this is a better price.

    The BBA AIW X800XT went up a few bucks to $290.
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