SATA Power connector vs. MOLEX

Hi all,

I just bought a new 500 watt PSU today with modular cables, and I decided to use the old Molex style connector for my raptor hard drive to save some clutter since I would need a whole separate SATA power cable to be attached to my PSU.

Now when I boot up my PC and go to play any games (Like WoW) my hard drive seems to be accessing a whole lot more than it used to as compared to when I had my old PSU with a SATA power plug plugged into my raptor.

Does the SATA power plug make any difference in performance if you use it, or am I just imagining things?

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  1. just imagining things.
    The sata power cable, i believe, enables hot swap ability. If your using the molex I dont think you should hot swap it.
    Anyone else know for sure?
  2. Thats fine, I don't plan on hot swapping anyhow.

    I thought maybe the Raptor might draw more power than a Molex connector could provide.

    Thanks for the help!
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