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I installed an old version of outlook 2002 and setup Office SP3 well it seamed to solve the initial problem out something ells happened. For one thing it does not save my password & number two I cant send out e-mails there are no error messages or any thing it just fails to connect or receive to or from the SMTP server and that's it but I can receive Emails on My ISP pop server?

I have check the spelling for the incoming & out going servers and I do have sound knowledge of setting up outlook in the past so there is nothing wrong in the setup of the E-mail account in outlook.

And if there are any ideas to make outlook compatible to windows 7 home premium 64bit it would be appreciated
other wise it seams I will have to get use to Windows Live Mail.
thanks for your time.
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  1. Perhaps you should verify the ports you configured Outlook to use for the connection? If the connection to the email server is over SSL, the ports used for the connection may be different from those used in a standard unsecured SMTP connection. If memory serves, the ports used for SMTP connections over SSL are 993 for the incoming server and 587 for outgoing.
  2. Pleas Read Carefully out look is setup right but is not compatible with windows 7.

    user name


    all are set properly

    and the setup works in Windows Live Mail but I don’t want that program I want to use Outlook

    and if there are no compatibility update for outlook 2002 on windows 7 ill have to get use to using Live mail
  3. Michael - I have the identical problem with Win7 and Outlook 2002. So far no solutions, although I saw a couple threads on Microsoft's Technet forums that I want to check out further. If I find a solution I'll post it here...
  4. OK, did some checking last night and tried a few registry edits, but nothing seems to work. According to the Outlook forums, Outlook 2002 stores the passwords in the Windows registry and supposedly Vista and Win7 eliminated those registry entries. Could be - I used to dual boot with XP and Vista but with Vista I used Mail, not Outlook.

    So it would appear your only options are to upgrade to Outlook 2007 or go to another mail application, or downgrade your OS back to XP. I think you can download Windows Mail from Microsoft's website still - that'll be my choice as I don't want to spend $$ on upgrading Outlook or Office XP - the old version works fine for what I do :).
  5. Thanks Ill start Using Live Mail Ill just have to get use to it until something new comes along thanks for your time. Just one more thing I am not downgrading My OS LOL I stayed with XP ever since the socket 478 P4s Came out I decided to move on with Vista two years after it’s main release when all the compatibility problems were fixed with Vista’s service pack 2 and I would recommend using Vista with Service Pack 2 and all the main updates or windows 7 to any PC user. Microsoft cant Support XP forever. XP the experience in my case with it is over time to move on.

    But one thing is for sure Windows XP will be Vintage the best OS of all time something to be proud of
  6. Yeah really sorta sucks in a way - I liked Outlook's calendar & scheduling features since I could just sync my work & home PCs together, but I can manage. Too bad MS doesn't want to update Outlook 2002, but they figure they'd lose a 2007 sale...

    Really, that's the only beef I have with Windows 7 home premium at the moment - just one app broken. And that's on a Dell lappy that Dell says is not Win7 compatible. Probably want me to spend $$ upgrading the hardware too :pfff: .

    I'll probably upgrade my main PC this weekend.
  7. LoL although this is an old thread outlook 2007 is EXPANSIVE even as a stand alone program I use the correct spelling MICR$OFT $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ LOL well they cant support older programs forever but the fact that XP is still supported and its office XP counter part is not But as long as XP operating system is supported then the hole XP sweet should be supported even through OS upgrades. But Micro$oft thinks this is bad business ethics and its the consumers that pay the price in the end. But I do know that Micro$oft cant support older programs forever but they should make them compatible for future Operating systems
    But what I was thinking is Copy the registry entries in WinXP for the passwords and other inputted data & manually input them in Win7 64bit I would like to try this but I don't know what these registry entries are called & how many Sub entries there are.

    And will this Fix my SMTP problem. I don't mind having to input my password every time I use Outlook but what makes it useless is the incoming SMTP server.

    It seems Microsoft Deliberately Botched the program for Vista And 7.
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