Antec Sonata II help requested....

I'm going to purchase this case, but before I do I have a question...

The PSU that comes with it, the 450W SM 2.0 will it be good enough for the following:

AMD 64 3200+
ASUS A8N32 SLI Deluxe
eVGA 6800GS

Only running 1 HDD, and 1 optical drive as of now.

As for the high end board, I will run in SLI but not for a few months.
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  1. definately gonna run that system not if u toss in anotehr 6800GS i dunno may want to get a new PSu but with 1 6800GS and that stuff it'll be fine
  2. I agree - with one video card you will be fine.

    Great case BTW - I love side mounted drive bays. And the dust filter works surprisingly well.

    I do recomend you install a second 120mm fan in front - one with a speed control to keep noise levels down.
  3. Thanks for the input guys!! :)
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