time to start a poll.. and please give a good reason why... you answer the way you do.. this is helping me in building my pc...
i have heard many differnt things on what the best is soo.. here it goes.

A) price isnt a factor
B) T H E best performace posible using either sata2 or 10k rpm..
C)The drives are being used only for the OS and for games nothing else..
main storage isnt a factor in this poll

i see that Western Digital came out with this beastly of a drive..
so if 10k was the pick we would defently go with thies
Raptor X 150GB 3.5" Serial ATA150 Hard Drive
and is it going to boost any performace to have them in raid
(if so then what raid.. i have heard peoply saying that 0 isnt the best for gaming)

seems like that would do the trick..

or would a sata2 drive do any better and what would be the best sata2 drive to get.. and same as on the 10k. would raid ing them bring me any performance gain. if so what raid..

that would help clear some things up..

another fellow gamer.
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  1. SATA I vs. 2 isn't an issue just yet and may not be for a while. For a gaming-only box, none of your options matters a whole heck of a lot. RAID0 Raptors will start up faster and load games faster, but not impact gaming a lot. If you're doing repeated openings and saves of large files, RAID0 can save significant time over the course of a day. RAID1 can give peace of mind. For a pure gaming box with no cost worrys, I'd start with a 150GB Raptor and call it good. Put your bucks where they will do the most good, like mobo, CPU, RAM and VGA.
  2. humm thats what i though...
    what are the drives IE sata2 transfer at... at the current moment
  3. 150GB raptors are sata II anyways aren't they? it's the older 74 and 36 gig ones that were sata. it doesn't matter, no hard drive right now will perform well enough to fill 300MB/s
  4. if you would have read the article from RichPLS, it states that the 150 raptor is still a sata1 and there maybe a sata2 on the way, but doubtful. It still doesn't matter. If your looking at overall speed then the 150 is still the way to go....
  5. you're right, my bad
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