New mobo for Pentium 4 3.2GHz Prescott w/HT

I've got a Dell Dimension 4700 with the above processor and the board and case are just way to limited. I'm wanting a board that I can later possibly put a dual core in, if that's possible. Presently though I need to at least move 4 of the USB's to the front along with sound jacks. Basically this item.. , along with the 4 drive bays I need. Also I'ld like to be able to monitor CPU temp. I know I'm probably asking a lot but I really don't know if I am or not. Anyway I need some suggestions as I'm new to this. I sincerely appreciate any help.

John Wagner
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  1. LGA775. It looks like all the ASUS boards at least at Newegg are of the P5 series. I don't quite understand some of these differences in the boards. Like what's the SLI deal? Or the Nvidia nForce stuff..I mean I don't need on board video if that's what that means. I need a little knowledge on these types of things.
  2. There are a multitude of good boards for LGA775 processors. This socket type supports PCI-E cards as well. Do you plan to overclock? And what size is that case, I knew someone with a 4600 from dell and they had a micorATX board. Will you need the same?
  3. My video card is a PCI-E and the board is a full size atx. i have been thinking about trying some overclocking but I want to get the system down pat like I want it first then I'll delve into that dark world but that is also why I was looking at possibilities of putting in a dual core at a later date. Check out the initial question as I did a little editing to it before I posted this.
  4. nForce is just the chipset on the motherboard.. has nothing to do with onboard graphics. As wusy said that Asus board is highly priced but will likely support Conroe and it overclocks the current p4's ver well. Good luck :)
  5. Couple of questions on that board...Why is that memory up that high, 800? I have two sticks of DDR2 @ 400 1 gig each on hand. I could upgrade 'em later but not all this at once. Also what is the difference between the SATA and the SATA II? Will my SATA's fit in there? ANd..what about my ide drives?

    Thanks Guys
    John W.
  6. My FSB is 800. Do I have the wrong memory in here? It's crucial PC2 3200. It seems to be working alright. How would it manifest itself if it's bottlenecking? Plus will my SATA work in SATA II. My O my I just looked at the price of that pc2 6400, YIKES!!

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