Service pack 1 = slow and lag? FIXED?

I remembered back then when service pack 1 first came out, i installed it the first day and it instantly made my computer slow down. I've looked around the web and turns out almost everyone getting it. Some say its an incompatibility with the geforce GT cards. my specs:

AMD anthlon x4
Geforce GT 240
3GB ram
Windows 7 Home 64-bit

I want to give it a second try today, maybe they've got it fixed through windows update afterwards, but i can not get those updates unless i get the Service pack 1, and you see, i dont want my computer to slow down again and making me uninstall it.

So can anyone confirm that the lag problem is now fixed?! or is it not?

Or can anyone confirm that this also happens to them?!
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  1. I've got a GTX 460, and the SP certainly didn't slow my system down. If anything it's a little "snappier" than it was.
  2. I think the first time it was all in your head.
  3. Nope, SP 1 never slowed any machine I have installed it on!
  4. Windows 7 SP 1 instantly slows down your computer, Although I love microsoft, These fanboys need to be quiet.
    its not in anybodys head, windows updates adds more process and changes routine start up procedure, Im running i3 core, 64 bit win 7 with 8gb of ram, 3.2 ghz, how the fawk should my pc be slow after these sleezy crapdates?

    but wallaaa after installing sp1 instantly slow, this is two years after i get this machine, i dont know why anybody installs microsoft updates, unless its software dont bother, its not ncessary, every update says, identifies hacker to exploit system, yea yea yea, its said that said windows 98, it wont change, im uninstalling servicepack, its a useless update hidden with crapware,beware
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