I'm Done. 1st System Build

I just finished my 1st build and used SiSoft Sandra Pro06 for the burn in. Then used 3DMark06 to get a benchmark. Here's my system,
Intel 3.2 Dual Core I swiped from my Dell
Zalman 9500 CPU Cooler
P5N32-SLI Deluxe
2- EVGA 6800 GS
3 gigs DDR2 Ram
Case- Thermaltake Kandalf
Without Overclocking I got a 3Dmark score of 4439
Seems a little low to me but I havent turned up the heat yet. I need to do a little studying before I get into this.
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  1. Hi there.. 3D mark 06 score for your systems if just about right i feel.

    2x of 6800GS ... well i am using 1 7800 GT and i get the same score...so maybe if u want a higher score...get a better GFX card maybe...

  2. Look at my sig for my pc specs... and there's also a link to my current score with an OCed AMD 4200+ and X1900XT... so in comparison... i reckon you have the right score for your rig, IF it has been tested on 3DMark2006....
  3. "2- EVGA 6800 GS

    Unload both of those for $169 each or so, and get a single 7900GT, pocket the remaining $38 for use at a strip bar or restaraunt, and watch your gaming performance double easily, and at two steps higher resolution to boot...
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