noobish question about difference between atx and atx12v

hey i know this definitely sounds noobish. i'm looking for a poweruspply with a min of 350w and a 12v @ 18a. soo i was wondering with the new atx12v that it has 2 12v rails. does that mean that the 12v amperage is the total of the two but they're split up? i know that a regular atx one would work but i would def like to find a newew atx12v one. my video card needs the 12v @ 18a. does that mean the atx12v would work even though they're split up?
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  1. Throw your video card specs in aswell. :P

    eg: A link to the manufacturer website product listing of your video card.

    Also your current mainboard, and PSU would help a little.

    The 'new' ATX12V PSus are basically just EPS12V ones. - should have the kind of info you are after.
  2. sorry lol i'm upgrading to a evga 7800gs agp and got a dell dimension 4600 with a 2.4ghz processor. 4 sticks for 1.5gb of ram and a dvd burner and a cd burner and 2 hard drives. the stock power supply for the dell i was told was 250w and it was like 16a on the 12v from what i read on the lable of it.

    here's the video card link
    and these are a few i thought of buying...
    cuz i've heard antec was a reliable manufacturer.
    any other suggestions would be helpful, my budget is around 50-60 bucks
    Thanks alot!
  3. I could be wrong but it may have that disclaimer because it doesn't use a molex power connector like most high end AGP video cards do.

    Any decent Antec SmartPower, TruePower, or NeoHE should provide enough juice for that card.

    However, I am not sure if Dell PCs, well Dell mainboards, will work with a standard PSU (Power Supply Unit) or not. Dell have done weird things in the past so only Dell PSUs will work on their systems, to limit upgradability.

    Personally I'd lean towards selling the mainboard and replacing it with a PCIe model, then getting a PCIe video card with 24 pipelines (vs 16)... but that is just my preference. Yours may differ.
  4. thanks alot man...i'll check up on the dell conflicts. i hope i can get this card to work. thanks again.
  5. As far as pinout of the PSUs, Dell stopped propietary wiring on their mobos around 2001. The issue should be whether or not the PSU will physically fit and location of switch/plug. The best way to determine compatibility is to look at the layout of both.
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