K8N Neo2 Platinum Power On by PS/2 Keyboard?

Hopefully an easy question.

I can't seem to get a K8N Neo2 Platinum to power on via PS/2 keyboard.

Most systems I've worked with have a jumper/bios setting combo for this, but the MSI BIOS (1.B) only has Wake from S3 (which does work) by keyboard and appears not to have a jumper setting.

I would have given up there except I've found a couple of threads that describe that this does work for this mobo.

Any ideas or can someone confirm that this is/isn't possible?

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  1. Quote:
    If it doesn't a BIOS update should fix it hopefully.

    Using the latest from MSI (1B).

    Doesn't work.

    An old unrelated thread mentions being able to set the "S3 Wake Up By PS/2 Keyboard" to "S3/S4/S5" (S5 being powered off state).

    The last few BIOS's that support AMD64 X2 only have an "Enabled/Disabled" option. Even when using the Shft-F2+Alt F3 to show "hidden" features in BIOS, it doesn't have it.

    Looks like older BIOS's have it, but need one that supports AMD64 X2 dual core.
  2. I dont know much abt that I also only saw the S3 in the BIOS, and Scanned that damned board for hidden jumpers :( , nothing, I would like to know if your auto on and auto off is working in windows, the digicell thing with power off and on function. Does yours work?

  3. No, it doesn't work. That's why I'm asking.

    I've tried a few modified BIOS's and hasn't helped either.

    I'm going to try MSI, but expecting a big no.
  4. pffft......

    I would like to buy a new sound card but not now at the poitn in time considering I just spent R12 000 on my new puter :'( . I just want it to work properly for the time being.
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