OMG!! I've tried everything to fix my G Card problem!!!??

Hi, you prob seen my many threads where i complain about my systems game performance, low framerates etc. The best example of my sudden performance drop is with FEAR.. One day i went onto FEAR and ran its performance test and for no obvious reason i was getting 36-38Fps Min./65Avg. just like like that!! A week before that i was getting 43-45Fps Min./77Avg on the same settings!!? And of course thats not the worst thing... when i tried reducing the detail (even to the lowest settings possible) i got like a 3Fps increase at the most!!! So basically no matter what i do i cant get above 40Fps at all!! I tried everything to fix this problem, i even did a clean install of windows!! but nothin. I really dont understand how this could just suddenly happen, Plz help me out!
By the way i have a geforce 7800GTX (450Mhz) graphics card.
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  1. At what settings are you running the performance test?

    (Many systems with a single GT/GTX card are going to have 20% of their framerates at between 25-40 fps,,,)

    The average framerate of 60-65fps would seem in line for settings of 1024x768/4xAA/16xAF, everything set to max, soft shadows off, and using default driver settings (quality, aa/af set to "application controlled"; many make mistakes here in the driver settings, by turning off AA/AF in driver settings, and then believing they are getting 80+fps average using game settings of 4xAA/16xAF)

    WHat are the rest of your system specs? (proc, mb, mem, fsb)
  2. Hmm. Your PSU, make sure its up too the task of handling your system.
    Here's a prime example: I put a 400watt in my rig (check the sig)
    Booted and Posted fine, but when I went to play WoW, i was netting somewhere around 19fps.

    I checked my GPU and the clock speed was still 470/1100.
    What I'm trying to say is if your GPU isnt recieve sufficient wattage,
    your in game preformance will take a considerable hit.

    I'm almost guessing this could be it. But there's a few more options
    to explore. So go ahead and check that one out, and get back to us.
  3. Okay heres my system; AMD Athlon 64 3700+, Asus a8n-Sli Premium, Seasonic s12 600W PSU, Geforce 7800 Gtx, 2gigs Corsair RAM, WD Raptor 150GB HD. New monitor - LG Flatron 19' LCD, New mouse - Razor
    I run FEAR at 1024 X 768, 4xAA, 4x AF, everything else MAX except Vol. Lights- Medium, Soft Shadows off. ?
  4. Heh, i have slightly higher settings than that at 1280 x 960, thanks to my X1900XT and my OCed AMD 4200+..... and i have a 580W PSU.... so i'd say, try OCing your cpu to see if its bottlenecking the gfx card, maybe an additional 200 mhz, nothing big, then see how the game is handled.
  5. Your cpu has more cache than my 3500+, and your video card is a GTX vs my GT, so I'd expect your framerate distribution to be above my results, naturally...

    I'd expect your gtx to average 57-60 fps vs my average 49 (my BFG GT is clocked at 460/1050 to average 53 fps)..; my results are using 1024x768/4xAA/16xAF, everything max, soft shadows off, direct x 8 rendering off...

    usually I get 33% in between 25-40 fps, and 66% above 40 fps...; i'd expect yours to be a greater ratio, perhaps 25%/75%? IF so, thats in line with most 7800GTX reviews at stock clocks...

    Ensure your driver settings have vsync disabled/off, default "quality" settings, and aa/af set to "App controlled"
  6. His CPU isnt the problem, and 200mhz wont make any difference.
  7. Eh... i don't know much about nvidia cards, so i was just thinking of a possible solution... 200 mhz on my own cpu has improved its performance significantly....
  8. Okay, would you guys be able to explain why i cant get my framerate above 40min even when i put settings on minimum?
  9. PSU can cause this maybe your psu is not pumping out the watts I'd start with heat. This is the thing with nvidia they have a thermal volt reduction if the gpu gets hot the only way I know to turn the volts back to the 1.5 is through a bios editor for gpu I'd try a new psu.

    this is a page from my bios and you would change the lower volts to the 1.5 this fix a problem I had something like yours also i cooled the gpu.
  10. I have no heating issues what so ever. My graphics card idles at 43C and 68 under load so id say my PSU is okay. Another thing i was thinking is could it just be the game? i always use the retail patch 1.01...
  11. It could be dude, there are so many things that can cause performance issues as you most likely know.
  12. Actually does the nvidia ntune performance test give accurate readings? cause i keep getting really good benchmark results on it??
  13. have you done any tweaking of the system processes at all
  14. No, why?
  15. You can improve proformance of all by tweaking it I,ll get a screener for you but blackviper web page has some good ones and winguide web page has a good one too.

    I no its hard to read copy and past to your computer and you can disable the ones i have disabled this will help lots dude I was not able to get the whole list but most is there.
  16. mmm... I Think You Have ONE BIG SERIOUS Problem , I Run F.E.A.R. in 1024x768 Max , 4xAA,16xAF , SoftShadows OFF , and Min 35Frame,Average 60 , And Maximum 120 Frame !! You SHOULD Be Able To Get Better Frames Than Me ...
    1-First Of All , Format your Windows Drive , and Intsall a New Win XP SP2
    2-USE nVidia 84.21 Driver :!:
    3-DO NOT OVERCLOCK ANYTHING (Very Important ) :!:
    4-Disable all USB Devices ( Not so important)
    Hey Do You Run 3Dmark 2005 ???
    I Suggest Run It at Default Setting , You Should Get Around 7800 Point in 1024x768 and default settings !
    Try Download 3dmark 2005 and bechmark your system , and tell me the score you get :!:
  17. jeez, I think? like mentioned before, his psu is weak, even though its a 600. Things can back fire with the rails.
    I don't know if ntune is or not, I dont use software to monitor my volts or temps. All digital reading for me direct from the hardware to display. Software on the otherhand gets its reading from its bios information than displayed to the software, the Reliability of that process, I'm not too sure of
  18. Okay, im downloading 3dmark05 now, should be done in an hour so i'll see what i get and post the score. By the way gomerpile, is there any way of knowing if i have a faulty PSU? Any signs or such?
  19. volt meter would be handy to test the rails The yellow are 12 volts ,red 5volts,orange 3.3volts, purple 5volts,orange and brown wire orange is the 3.3 and the brown is the senser wire, test these also check the amps or take it to a good shop to test it for you. Or maybe someone has a better ideal.
  20. Okay in 3dmark05 i scored 8052. Hows that??
  21. Gomerpile what do you think of my 3dmark05 score? 8052.
  22. dude go compare it with other peoples systems like yours, you can even select same cpu gpu amount of ram. why do you evne care if its just 3 frames or w/e, id just be worried if it was unplayable. ive been hearing people getting as much as 20 extra fps off the 84.21 drivers with the 7800GT/GTX's, try them out. Good Luck.
  23. Thats the thing... i did get the 84.21 driver and didnt even get so much as 1fps increase.
  24. I think the system needs tweaking a bit for performance, the score is a good starting point to see how well your tweaking can improve that score.
    Remember to give your computer a hour or soo before testing again unless the cooling can keep it about the 30 to 40 range I found that these temps are the best for my system benching
  25. Yeah, but for now i just really want to know if my graphics card is working properly. One wierd thing that i noticed on 3dmark is that on the system details section it says my 7800gtx (450mhz) is 491.4Mhz :? Whats up with that??
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