Interference with headphones!?!

Recently, I installed a new graphics card...had no problems. Then I added a new cooler so that the card would be silent and run cooler...problem is since adding the new cooler I am getting interference/static, etc from my headphones only. I have a Soundblaster Live audio card, the sound seems to be gone when using my speakers or when listening to music with my headphones. The interference is there when I am not running any apps and also when playing games, like WoW. Any ideas what is happening?
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  1. could be getting some emi from the new fan. Try moving the sound card farther away if you can..
  2. I think I have found the problem. It was recommended by a friend that I move the cable connected to the graphics card, I did and it made a big difference. There is still some interference but, it is not as distracting and hardly noticable now. I am assuming the cable was too close to the audio cable...not sure though. Going to try and stomp it out completely now.
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