65nm Processor and Dual Channel Architecture

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I am building a new system with an Intel D920 (65nm) processor.

The Asus motherboard I have has Dual Channel Architecture.

I am going to install 512 MB of ram in at the moment. What will allow my system to run faster:

1 X 512MB ram module
2 X 256MB ram modules

I know that Dual Channel Architecture only works with 2 identicle ram modules inserted. Is this quicker than 1 larger ram module.


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  1. 2x256 in dual channel mode is better. Make sure you put them in the right slots.
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    That would mean placing the 2 ram modules in the slots that are right next to each other. On the Asus motherboard they are 2 different colors.

  3. Usually, that means placing them in two different slots that are the same color. Placing them right next to each other will not allow them to run in dual channel mode.
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    Will do.


  5. If your spending the $$ for a PD 920, don't short change yourself with only 512Mb RAM. 2x256 just doesn't get it and a 1Gb 2x512 isn't that much more theses days. Trust me, when you decide you want to add more RAM you'll be happy you started with the 1Gb. Also, confirm in your manual the actual RAM placement for Dual Channel as usually it's DIMM's 1 & 3, 2 & 4. They tend to be color coordinated. Good luck.
  6. Get the dual channel RAM 2x256 and make sure you put them in the right slots for your board so they run dual channel. If you can, get at least one gig of ram too. Will help performance quite a bit. Usually each motherboard manufacturer has the same colors representing where each ram stick goes, but they can differ.
  7. Get one 512 stick. Get another 512 stick in the near future. Your machine will love you for it. 1gig is the sweet spot right now
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