Antec Performance I P180 or Thermaltake Armor Series VA8000B

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  1. Both are nice cases.

    The way I see it, you save more money on the P180. You still need to decide on a PSU on either.
  2. You may not need great cooling, but it looks like you'll get it with either of those cases. Both have tons of fans and filters. Both are also large enough to fit in anything you need. I don't know if the Antec has a slide-out mobo tray, but the TT definitely does NOT.
    AMD 3500+
    Nvidia 6800 Ultra w/ aftermarket A.C.5v2 heatsink
    2gigs Geil PC3200 ram
    2x 80gig Seagate HDD
    Fatal1ty X-fi soundcard
    Plexor Dual Layer DVD-RW
    Logitech X3d joystick/ MX510 mouse
    Hyper-R 580W PSU

  4. Yeah.... Go fo ARMOR. A little bit big, but upgradable to BTX, more space for future improvements,preinstales holes for water cooling.
  5. I think most of everyone here wants you to OC.. :lol:

    So many thoughts on cooling.
  6. Thanks for all the info. :D

    Decided to go with the Thermaltake. :D
  7. yah P180 is cramped
  8. You will love it!
  9. Quote:
    Thanks for all the info. :D

    Decided to go with the Thermaltake. :D

    Well.. if you buy the P180 by mistake... can I have it?? :oops:

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