Dual 146 cpu's not Dual core 165/170 Would,Can this Work ?

Right i have just built my new system which comtains the following :D

ASUS A8N-SLI Premium 939
Opteron 146 CABYE 540 @ 3.0Ghz stable Had @3.090 short test on Air
1GB OCZ Dual Channel PC3200 Platinum Rev2 DDR TCCD
XFX 7800 GTX @ 528 , 1.36
150 Gig Raptor
Artic cooler 64 pro ,Could be better

I was thinking of building a dual cpu sys prob based on server mobo but is there a dual socket 939 if so would they be anygood ? could they be clocked the same ?

I have 2 opty 146 CABYE 540's here and rather than buying a dual core cpu would this Work i know reg ram would be needed for this or should i sell them and get a socket 940 mobo and a 2 Series opty ?

would i get simaler results in say PCMark ,3DMark

As i use this sys for mainly gaming and a freind has just got a FX60, i feel
i need to overcome this somehow and thought would this work ?

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  1. Short answer... No. All dual socket boards are 940 pin CPUs, and require multi-cpu chips... specifically the opteron 2xx for 2 CPU boards, or 8xx for up to 8 CPU boards.

    There's no way to have Athlon 64s/Opteron 1xx run multi-socket because there's only one hypertransport bus. 2xx/8xx chips have 3 hypertransport busses, 1 for cpu to northbridge communication, and 2 for cpu to cpu communication.
  2. Like EdwardN said above, the 1xx Opterons are NOT interchangable with the 2/8xx opterons.

    a 1xx is basically identical to the X2 series, just build, and tested to, a higher standard, due to the nature of how they will be used (24/7/365 operation)

    Also, Enthusiast Dual CPU (Socket 940) boards are both rare, and expensive, so you'd do best to stick with your 939, unless you want to go nuts with performance. Dont forget, if you go to a Dual-CPU board, you will need to buy some expensive, and not as overclockable ECC ram.

    If you want to be able to beat your mates FX60, i suggest you sell both your opterons ( to a friend? ebay? whatever!), and buy yourself an opteron 170. This can, suprisingly, overclock further than the FX60; if you get a "good" chip, due to the way they are made/tested. a 170 is also not too expensive...

    Paired with a decent cooler (i'd go for a Zalman, or a waterchill kit from asetek, but its personal choice), you could get some very speedy results.
  3. Ok thanks i think i have have good know how on the 144
    146 series as far as steppings/weeks go but the Dual core
    not so good can anyone tell me what steppings / week would be
    best for my application.


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