omg XBOX 360!!!

wow i can't wait for this animal machine to come out.

This system looks insane, i am wondering when ps3 will reveal and if it can even come close to xbox360

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  1. it will be better than the first, just like the ps2 was better than the ps1. just like the super nintendo was better than the first nintendo. but not like the nintendo 64 sucked next to the super nintendo lol.

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  2. It will be better considering it will have three symetrical cores....running at 3.2GHZ.....

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  3. ps3 has cell processor... sweet!

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  4. Yeah I can't wait to see the animal of a price tag as well....

    Personally I think I shall be sticking with my PC.

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  5. After going to E3..


    I'm not even gonna bother with the XBOX.

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  6. 100% agree. Sony wasn't about to be out done in the hardware department, and they did not dissapoint. Xcrement Box 1.5 doesn't have blue ray dvd either...50GB on a dvd? are you freaking kidding me? hellz yeah!

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