need lcd

i plan to buy lcd monitor (TFT 7020), but right now i use vga card asus 7700 pure, how about dvi output?
can i just use conventer/conector for digital lcd?
like u know asus 7700 pure only have vga output?
maybe need new video card?
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  1. TFT7020 have both vga and dvi input. Looks best with dvi. asus works, but new card good.
  2. looks digital give the best picture than use analog output...
  3. Yes, ATI Radeon 8500 is good
  4. Get a GF3 when the GF4 comes out (in a matter of days), w/ DVI, and get the TFT7020. analog-> digital converter would be pointless considering that's what the analog input does...

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  5. is all g3 have dvi out out?
  6. It depends which one u get, but for the most part, yes. Leadtek makes some really sweet GF3's.

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  7. im going to buy the compaq monitor, but which card should i get, the radeon 8500 or the geforce, the best one i can find under 200. which one is best with the monitor
  8. how big a different betwean analog and digital picture?
    when i use crt monitor analog, picture looks good in my eyes, maybe because i never have lcd monitor....
  9. Under 200 you should choose either GF3 Ti200 or Radeon8500 oem. Both are good performers but the Radeon may have the slight edge in both performance and image quality.
  10. Image quality no. For the last time, there is NO difference. As for performance- what will u be using it for? Prof apps like GF series better (especially when converted to Quadro!), and R8500 may give u driver issues- which mobo do u have? Yes there is a huge difference between digital and analog in the TFT7020. Digital is the way to go.

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  11. For anyone with a picky eye, there IS a difference. Even a difference among GF3 cards. Some brands have better image quality than others. This isn't as apparent in DVI though so that shouldn't be an issue anyway.
  12. We're not talking about anit-aliasing here. I am refferring to what windows will look like. Plus, 1280x1024 isn't really a very high resolution.

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  13. i use p4t asus, 1.9 p4, 4x256 rdram, play games little bit, use for app adobe or graph.
  14. Graphics apps? Which ones? I really reccomend GF3 then, cause using rivatuner u can convert it to Quadro DCC, and install all the wonderful improvements for pro apps such as photoshop.

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  15. yep i use pro apps such as photoshop, a lot video editing.
    btw when gf4 avaiable in the market? maybe i should wait for gf4 or new radeon
  16. Nah, new GF4 will be the MX version- it'll suck. As for the radeon, ur pro apps will benefit a lot more from a Quadro.

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  17. I meant 2D image quality. Everyone knows Nvidia has lacked in this department until recently. Get a GF3 Ti made by Leadtek or Gainward I think.
  18. "until recently" Jeez, did we have to go through all that to come to the starting point that a GF3 vs. R8500 has same image quality?:) I like leadtek cause they make good cards- he should go with em.

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  19. Not A GF3, certain ones. I was not impressed with Visiontek cards compared to the Radeon. I have seen Leadtek and Gainward GF3 Ti and both had good IQ.
  20. Radeon 8500. GF3 has driver issues.
  21. wtf? I have never had ANY isues w/ my Quadro DCC, and my freinds w/ Gf3's have never had probs either, even w/ beta drivers. R8500 that can't be said about- my freind w/ an R8500 couldn't use it in XP cause of driver issues so now he uses a TNT2!!

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  22. YMMV. Both cards have had driver issues in the past, both are pretty stable now. I am using an r8500 in XP as I type this and have had no issues in any games I've played yet.
  23. try it w/ maya.

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  24. What is that? If I can download, I'll try. ;)
  25. nm if u don't have it (it's a mad expensive animation program). What mobo do u have?

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  26. Soyo Dragon+ KT266A
  27. 8500 is a great choice. It beats the GF3 in most performance tests with the 8500's new drivers, and it's image quality is unmatched to that of nVidia's, even in 2D (so yes, Windows would look better). Support is looking up as ATI has now released unified driver sets for the entire radeon series of cards, and because of OEM's, drivers are coming out very frenquently now. So you cant really use the reason of bad driver support with ATI now on not getting a card. So let's review:

    It's cheaper, has great support, outstanding IQ (esp. DVD). The GF3 is pretty good too only that it doesn't have many of the great features that ATI likes to boast in their products (ie Trueform, etc). I dunno about ATI's new card lineup, but the 8500 is a good choice for the buck.

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  28. I agree, 8500 is the way to go. I know about 5 guys that own them running everything from 98 to XP with no problems whatsoever. I run one myself in XP and have had zero problems.

    I know quite a few people that own GF3s also, and while they are good cards, they're not up to par with the 8500 at any price point, imho.
  29. R8500 costs $300 (retail), and Gf3 Ti500 costs in the high 200's. GF3 can be converted to quadro, so in pro apps, it will beat it, and opengl it is much better.

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  30. Um, comparing an online price to a suggested retail is a bit off. On average, the GF3 Ti500 is about $50 more than a r8500 retail and about $100 more than an OEM. The cheapest GF3Ti500 I've seen is about $285, the cheapest r8500 retail I've seen is about $235.
  31. plz show me the link for the R8500 @ 235, cause I have only been able to find them @ $300 on teh web.

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  32. $300? That's what Best Buy sells it for.
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  33. have links of them for under 200. i think thats right, but i might have seen wrong...
  34. Those are OEM ones, I got mine for $180 at Newegg. Best bang for the buck I've had in the last few video cards.
  35. Flame you post a lot of false information (and not just about video cards either). It's common knowledge to forum guys like us that ATI has the cheaper card, and you have been told this in other subjects and posts before. I know you don't like ATI, but geeze man, don't go around saying bs.

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  36. Dude, on pricewatch (at least before, haven't checked lately) the lowest price for the R8500 was in teh high, near 300 dollars US. Thus I felt it was more expensive- I don't consider the OEM version cause that's a lower performer.

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  37. Haha, dude, I would look again. And some OEM's are offering faster clock speeds and more memory than the retails. Anyway, I'm not going to argue about it. ATI's are cheaper and that's a fact.

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  38. ohh i read wrong, the retail have another spec then the OEM, hmm, thats strange, i didnt know that, but does that do that big of a difference?

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  39. Retail boxed ATI Radeon 8500 for $240 in-stock at

    Great shop and great prices.
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