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NIC to NIC crossover question

Last response: in Networking
June 3, 2003 1:46:54 PM

I've never done any networking before, but thought it would easier than this.

I'm trying to network my XP machine to my son's ME machine. I have a P4P800 deluxe mobo in the XP and a Linksys 10/100 in the ME machine. Connecting the two is a crossover cable. I ran the XP networking wizard on XP, then was prompted to run the XP wizard on the ME machine. After getting through one or two steps, the wizard crashes on the ME machine. I then decided to set it up manually and created a TCP/IP connection for the NIC card, allowed print and file sharing, assigned a unique IP address on both the ME and XP machine. I rebooted both machines and still don't see either PC in the network window. In fact, when I try to open the Entire Network link on the ME machine it gives me an error message and tells me I can't access the network. The trouble shooter is no help. If I look at the network status on each machine it always says "connecting". When I ping each machine it appears to work. I'm obviously missing somethng here. Can anybody PLEASE help me? I've been fooling with this darn thing for days!

June 3, 2003 5:50:17 PM

ive stopped trouble shooting windows me. i just treat it like a virus and get rid of it.

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June 4, 2003 2:26:40 PM

Well, I took your advice and formatted my son's hard drive and installed XP Pro. Still can't get the connection to work though. On my PC I can see his and my computers in the workgroup called MSHOME. On his PC I could only see his computer. At one point I saw two different workgroups on his PC. Both only showed his PC. One workgroup was Mshome the other was Workgroup. I fooled with something (I wanted to get rid of the one called "workgroup"), now when I try to View Workgroup Computers I get, "Mshome is not accessable. You might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the network administrator. The network path was not found." Also, I want to have access to all of the files on his PC, not just Shared Docs. Our goal is to play games together as well as being able to move files etc. It's probably something really simple, but I can't figure it out for the life of me.

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June 4, 2003 4:37:44 PM

WIth P2p its relatively simple...
Fisrt determine 2 things
1. the Userids that will logon to each machine!
I'll use Userid1, and Userid2...
2. THE IP addrs that each box will use.
i'll use (box1), and (box2),
and subnet mask for both...
Its easiest to use static ip's here - that's the "Use the following
Address" Box checked!
Ya don;t have a router or DHCP or this stuff changes...

Now by the numbers, just do this...
1. Turn Both Boxes Off!!!
2. Start box1
3. ControlPanel, Admin Tools, ComputerMangement, Local Users and Groups
Establish BOTH userids on EACH box, and both Administrators...
4. From My computer, Identification tab,
Give each box an nice(known) unique name: Use MyXpBox1 and MyXpBox2
Give a commom workgroup name: use MyXpGroup
5. From My Computer, for each drive, right click, Select Sharing,
NewShare, Give share name: MyXpBox1_C -> where _C = native drivename,
Click Permissions - Everyone
6. Start WindowsExplorer, Tools, FolderPoptions ,View...
Scroll down - check SimpleNetworking...
7. From Desktop, rightclick MyNetworkPlaces, Properties,
Richtclick LocalAreaConnection, Properties, Select TCP/IP
Assign address -> x = BoxNumber respectivley, subnet and leave gateway blank...
8. Restart the box, repeat steps 2 thru 8 for Computer 2....

That's it!!!
Your Fast and Loose - tune it up from there....
And understand, by telling you this I have now made YOU, your worst Enemey!
Read up on simple networking!!!
June 5, 2003 10:29:11 AM

Thanks for the great post. I did everything you said, and now I have access to EVERY file on my son's PC, but when I go to his PC I still only see his computer on the network. Could I have a bad cable or something? Is there possibly one setting I'm missing here?
June 5, 2003 3:37:51 PM

Most probably the cable is good - there's no reason it should work one way and not the other. I've never seen one work ONE WAY ONLY - its always config(tcp/ip) or admin(Domain/Workgroup, Userids/Groups, Shares, Permissions). And now ya know what i mean - YOU being your worst enemy! Debug's can be tuff...
Since one box works correctly, it's probably a simple oversiget on the other!

But to insure the cable and Ip config is good:
(i find network debug is quickest from command line - put a shortcut to a command prompt on both desktops)
Both computers must be able to ping BOTH THEMSELVES and EACH OTHER by ComputerNname and IP...
Ping ---and--- Ping ComputerName1
Ping ---and--- Ping ComputerName2
should give the same and desired result anywhere on the LAN, including from themselves! This will quickly tell ya if the cable, the Ip comdig and the logical admin of Computername is correct! Fix acordingly till they Ping correctly - by Name and IP!!!

Also from command line, the "Net " command can do everything that the GUI interface can do... like
Net View
Net Share
Net User
and Net /? , or Net Subcomand /? for a complete list/help for all...
and ya can work the Net command with subcommands and operands to really zero right in on exactly WHAT'S GOING ON... LIKE
Try "Net View" from each - See Both?
Try "Net View /Domain - Got more Domains/Workgroups than ya think?
try "Net View /D:YourWorkGroupName - Both boxes in correct workgroup!
Do the same with Net User and Net share commands...

The Net command has the advantage of returning very quickly rather than waiting for networktimeout using the GUI when somethin isn't correct!
Plus using the Net command will give ya an insight into networking fundamentals...

Another good command is
ipconfig, ipconfig /? for help, /all and /renew...

However, its also easy from the Gui interfce...
Doubleclick NetworkPlace, EntireNetwork, Microsoft Windows Network and all Domains and Workgroups that the box recognises will shop up...
Ya might just have a Workgroup or Userid error on you sons machine...

And perhaps "DAD" SHOULD be the only "ADMINISTRATOR" on LAN! and the only one with access to the Entire LAN... Once ya catch on it's pretty east to create "Groups like "Spouse" and "Kids" that only have assess to what "DAD" (and/or "MOM") give... (Especially in Dad and Mom's house!)

For any kind of analysis get back with your results of
Ping's, Net cmds, and ipconfig /all commands...
June 5, 2003 11:40:51 PM

Holy crap, I actually got it working. After much hair pulling and gnashing of teeth, I thought there may be a problem with the fact that my computer had the same name as my user ID. I renamed the workgroup VAHALLA, my computer ODIN and my son's computer RAGNAR. Reboot both of them an voila!

Thanks you were a great help!
June 6, 2003 2:49:43 AM

Hey, Hey...
You've just earned the title of inhouse LanMan, with a B+ and deserving a beer (or 2). Ya might have the makins of a good Network Administrator...

Now, seeing how its basicly glued together, presented in the GUI, and responds to Ping, Ipconfig and Net commands, you'll really understand what ya read about networking from here... In practice everyone shouldn't be Admin, and shares shouldn’t be at the Drive level permitting Everyone! It's TOO FAST and LOOSE, and dangerous on anything except a LAN behind closed and locked doors - but it gets ya started... You da Man on the Lan now! Bet your going to be getting a router switch/hub soon, so you'll also be on the WAN!. I think ya got it...

Congrats, you're networked!!!