6800GS vs some ATi card

ok right now i eitehr wanna get a 6800GS or some Ati card in the area of $160 with better preformance, i looked at the X1600, doesnt look too great

i also wanna do dual GPU so if u pick the X850XT plx find the crossfire edition since i cant find an X850 series crossfire

also when you use dual GPU's in crossfire can u run like a X850 with an X1600? or do they have to be an X850XT and X850
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  1. Quote:
    X800GTO compares to a 6800GS. I wouldn't consider the X1600. Also, don't think you can run X1600 with X850 in Crossfire.

    ok would 2 X800 series beat 2 6800GS's?

    yah i didnt think i could run an X800 with an X1600 or anyother series besides X800
  2. actually i think this card will beat the 6800GS it has 16 pipelines vs the 6800's 12

    GIGABYTE GV-RX80L256V Radeon X800XL


    SAPPHIRE 100105SR-BL Radeon X800XL

    the gigabyte card is cheaper and has passive cooling, ooo i think i might get that
  3. hmm well if u OC the X800XL it'll beat the 6800GS

    yah its like a 50Mhz diference
  4. hmm actually read some reviews and benchmarks the 6800GS pwns the X800XL
  5. 6800GS PCI-e and X800XL are very close. But for the OP, the best pci-e card for $160 is the X850XT, which clearly beats these other two.

    I also say forget dual GPU. He can buy a single 7900GT or X1800XT 256MB for $300...cheaper than dual X850XT.
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