Preparing to build a Conroe system

I've got my heart set on building a Conroe system once they are made available unless AMD has something up their sleeve that convinces me otherwise. I do have some basic questions though.

1. What will be the estimated price for an entry level Conroe chip?

2. Are there any motherboards out now that will already support this chip? If so, which one will you recommend? I'm unsure as to what chipset I should be looking for in a motherboard supporting Conroe.

3. By the time the chip comes out, what sub-$130 video card would you recommend to go along with the motherboard/cpu?

I believe that is all.


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  1. Conroe Price: should be around 200$ or so for a dual core part, cant find the price, it wass on anandtech but cant seam to get the search to work

    As for motherboard, the 975X chipset seams to be the one, but its not confirmed it'll be the one used when it comes out.

    You should wait and see what maker makes the best motherboard at the time the chip is released, I personnaly suggest waiting around 2 months before buying the thing since only then will we have the complete picture backed by benchmark from different sites and based on different hardware.
  2. Quote:
    Here are the future Intel Conroe processor prices according to The Inquirer:

    E6700 : 2.67 GHz – FSB1066 – 4 MB cache – $529
    E6600 : 2.40 GHz – FSB1066 – 4 MB cache – $315
    E6400 : 2.13 GHz – FSB1066 – 2 MB cache – $240
    E6300 : 1.86 GHz – FSB1066 – 2 MB cache - $210

    Here's the speculative pricing for Conroe upon release.

    As far as boards that support it, there are none right now. The 975X series chipset which are currently in use will support conroe but, nobody is manufacturing them to specs yet as, Intel has not released them yet to manufacturers. Conroe will use a much lower voltage than their current lineup.

    As far as graphics go, that's really your call and just see what's available upon Conroe release and/or when you put your system together and get it. :wink:
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