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After 4 great years of service, the PSU in my system is starting to die.. probably due to the abundant amount of dust it use to have to deal with.

Anyways, I need advice on what PSU I should purchase, that's reasonably quiet, and has plenty of connectors for loads of drives.

Here's my system specs (it's an old, but great system):

Case: CoolerMaster ATC-201 Aluminum Midtower
PSU: Enermax EG365P-VE(FC) 350Watt
MB: ASUS P4T544 850e PC1066
CPU: Intel P4 2.8Ghz / 533 FSB
Cooler: CoolerMaster Socket 478 HSF <- Also needs replaced, asked in other forum
Hard Drives: 1 80GB, 2 160GB, 1 120GB
Optical Drives: Plextor DVDRW, Plextor CDRW, DVD-ROM
GPU: ATI Radeon 9700Pro 128MB <- will be upgrading soon
Sound: Creative Labs Audigy

I have yet another HD and optical drive to add to the system. I've been told that I should look into getting at least a 450Watt PSU. Also, I don't care what it looks like, as long as it does what I need.

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  1. I am in the same dilemma, and am eyeing this one out...

    FSP Group (Fortron Source) AX450-PN
    $51 + $7 shipping

    looks like pretty good specs for the price, should replace my problematic 300W on my dual PIII server nicely and hopefully stop the sudden reboots (and make it quieter as a bonus)
  2. I've got a 485W Enermax Noisetaker. I've had it for about a year now... works great. I'm actually going to be selling it soon; I just bought a Enermax Libery 620W PSU.

    Interested in buying? I'll put it up on eBay if you'd like. I've got 100% positive feedback and over 120 transactions.

    Make me an offer.... ;-)
  3. With all the gear in your system I would be getting a 600+ watt PSU, good name brand. This allows some head room for future upgrades.

    Check these links out, this is my order of prefference.
  4. I'd like to see you back that statement up with facts. You recommend 600W?!

    Edit for content.
  5. Dude, I didn't mention 620W minimum!!! :evil:

    I had a 420W PSU with a similar setup to Kazeneko (after some upgrades), and the thing really chugged along. Upgraded to a 600W unit and it made a huge difference!!!

    Everything ran a lot smoother.

    Did you look at his specs 4 hard drives, 3 optical drives and going to add more. With upgrades and other stuff, he'll need serious power.

    BTW I like your editing above :)
  6. Stating what you would do is making a recommendation. Yes, I did look at his specs. Whether or not he has 7 drives now and will be adding another two, he still doesn't need 600W. Assuming 9 drives, his system's max pull will still be under 400W. A good 450W or 500W for some buffer should be more than enough for his rig. He just needs to balance the power draw on the 12V rails.
  7. I prefer to have more than needed from experience. Saves buying more later down the track.

    Only get what you need if you have no other choice.
  8. Ok, I'm still not 100% sure which PSU to go with. These ar eones that seem to fill the need for extra output. Right now, I have only a 350watt Enermax in my system, and it's doing fine, so I'm not sure if I need more than ~450

    PC Power and Cooling 1 Seems perfect, gets amazing reviews.

    PC Power and Cooling 2 Seems almost like overkill, amazing reviews.

    Enermax NoiseTaker II Seems to get good reviews around the web.

    Antec NeoHE Don't know much about it.

    Antec TruePower II Seems to get good reviews.

    I have no idea where to start on Thermal Take's website, as they've got loads to choose from!

    Anyways, I'm leaning towards the PCP&C1, as it's got the output, it's only $99, and I've yet to come across anything negative about it.

    Opinions are welcome!
  9. Looks excellent for the price.

    Yeah ThermalTakes site does have a lot. The PC P&C has solid performance and reviews. Some said that the fan was a little noisy on one of the models they reviewed, thats the only thing I've heard bad about it.
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